July Message

Dear Friends,
We All Have A Right To Be Wrong.
Mistakes are our greatest teachers. Yet there are some people who are afraid to make a mistake or to be wrong. Mistakes are part of life, and they make us human. One of the greatest things about the game of baseball is that they never lose sight of the fact that human beings play the game, not machines. At times some of the baseball sport announcers seem to believe that the players are not allowed to make mistakes and it’s easy to sit and judge from the announcement booth. Yet baseball is the only sport that makes room for errors. The box score includes, runs, hits, and errors!
Are you so afraid of doing things wrong that you won’t do anything at all? In my pastoral care sessions with members of the various congregations that I have served, there were times when individuals disclosed that they had been raised in families where their parents had said that they would rather have died then to admit that they made a mistake. Imagine being raised that way; what a way to have to live! How many times have you convinced yourself that something is right for you to do, only to allow yourself to be blown off course by someone who says “that’s wrong!”
Is it possible that you dwell in a past of things wrong to such a degree that you now believe that anything you do will probably go wrong? If you answered yes to one of more of these inquiries, I have another question for you, “What’s wrong with being wrong?” When you take a step in a direction that could ultimately lead you off course, being “wrong” lets you know that you need to change directions. If you choose something or someone that is less than worthy of who you decide to take on something that you are not really prepared to handle, being “wrong” lets you know what skills you need to build, what information you need to acquire, what things you can do well and what things you cannot. When you get right down to it, being “wrong” is life’s way of letting you know what you need to know in order to get the right results for your efforts.
Now what’s so wrong about that?
If you have a fear of being wrong, look back into your personal history. Allow yourself to remember the first time you were told you were wrong. Allow yourself to hear the words, feel the feelings and remember the experience. If you can place yourself in the midst of the experience, forgive yourself for believing that there is something wrong with being wrong. There is a difference in making a mistake and feeling that you are a mistake.
Perhaps until today, you may have allowed yourself to believe that if you did something wrong that you would not recover. Just for today, take a risk. Do something you fear just might be wrong. You just may discover that you were wrong. Welcome to the human race! Join the club.
You’re certainly not alone.
Michael J. Carter