June 2018 Message

From Minister Ernie Mills, June 2018

 The Creative Human Spirit

Where did pianos come from? Where did words come from? Where did science come from?  These things did not just fall out of heaven – and it’s a good thing considering the weight of a piano.   While the “many folk” believe that pianos, words and science are gifts of god or the gods I believe they were and are creations of the human spirit.  Such gifts were not received but are the products of spontaneous creations of human beings like you and me.

Of course not all human creations are as wonderful as the piano.  Humans have also created weapons of mass destruction. Joseph Campbell once said that every advance in culture has its dark side.  We see this with plastics. Once hailed as a great human invention plastics are now inundating our planet. But nevertheless human creativity is the foundation of culture and our future depends on it.  My hope is that the creative spirit will discover ways that will help us preserve our planet and prevent a nuclear holocaust.  Dark times, like these, often become the seedbeds for radical creativity.

I believe in the human, creative spirit. And I believe that it can come from anywhere, including Polk county and TBUUF.