Sunday Services

             We meet for communal celebration at 10:30 a.m. on the 1st and 3rd Sundays of the month at 835 N. Trade St., Tyon, NC

We now meet at 835 N. Trade St., Tryon ; the building is under renovation, but will soon be looking great, with a natural foods store out front! 

Upcoming Services

August 6, 2017

Rev. Dr. Marc Mullinax

The Cracks Where the Light Gets In

Kintsugi is the Japanese art of fixing pottery with gold lacquer; the cracks that remain visible – the breakage and repair – are understood to be a part of the object’s history and therefore beautiful. Our autobiographical “cracks” contribute to an aesthetic wholeness…holiness. Breakage and repair are the graced history of a person. Join us on August 6 as we think together about how our checkered autobiographies are exactly what this world may need at the critical moment. Need light? Just look within where we – at some point – failed and needed (like Humpty-Dumpty) to be put back together again.



August 20, 2017

Rev. Jeff Jones

A Few of My Favorite Things:

      A Personal Journey with Voluntary Simplicity

Downsizing is often seen as a rite-of-passage as we get older. But what if living with fewer material possessions was a way of life? And as I will suggest in my sermon, material clutter is not the only baggage we might carry with us in life.    







Some TBUUF service recordings are available at TBUUF’s Youtube Channel.

Hope.Hype or Practice November 2017 Marc Mullinax

What One Can Learn from World Religions, Prof. Marc Mullinax – October 1, 2017

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The-Activist-and-The-Mystic-June 4, 2017 – Rev. Michael Carter

Dignity (The First Principle) – May 21, 2017 – Rev. Michael Carter

 Are We Rome? – May 7, 2017- Rev. Michael Carter

A Pearl of Great Price April 2, 2017 (Canvass Sunday) – Rev. Michael Carter

Forgiveness What’s in It for You April 16, 2017 – Robin Edgar

 A Church Without Walls 3-19-17 ( New Member Sunday) – Rev. Michael Carter

The Politics of Human Nature – 3/5/17- Rev. Michael Carter

Uncivil War 2/19/17 – Rev. Michael Carter

Holding a Grudge – 2/5/17 – Rev. Michael Carter

Fit For A King – 1/15/17 – Rev. Michael Carter

Breaking the Old, Breaking in the New  – 1/1/17 – Dr. Marc Mullinax