Sunday Services

             We meet for communal celebration at 10:30 a.m. on the 1st and 3rd Sundays of the month at 835 N. Trade St., Tyon, NC

We now meet at 835 N. Trade St., Tryon ; the building is under renovation, but will soon be looking great, with a natural foods store out front! 

Upcoming Services

June 3, 2018

Your Inner Jiminy Cricket and the 5th UU Principle

The Rev. Ernie Mills

 In the Walt Disney production of Pinocchio, Jiminy Cricket plays the part of the puppet’s conscience: that still small voice in the back of our minds that guides us–or at least tries to–throughout our lives.  The conscience “speaks” whenever we encounter situations that involve us in some type of moral choice.  Hitler accused the Jewish people of inventing the conscience.  This was his way of trying to silence it.  It would be hard, if not impossible, to convince people to engage in a genocide if they had a conscience.  But Hitler is not the only one who has tried to destroy the conscience.  There are forces (and leaders) on our planet today who are doing the same, trying to silence the voice of conscience.

Maybe it would be a good thing if our noses grew longer every time we went against our conscience or told lies.  But unfortunately it’s not that way, it’s worse, much worse.

We will explore the important role of “Jiminy Cricket” in our own lives and how it plays into our democratic process.





IMMEDIATELY FOLLOWING THE SERVICE ON JUNE 3….TBUUF Annual Meeting to vote on by-law revisions, elect officers for 2018-19, and adopt the 2018-19 budget.



June 17, 2018


“I believe in Music”

Rev. Ernie Mills

We will take a break from our series on the UU Principles for this special, picnic day and reflect on the role of music in our lives.  Through music and singing we will celebrate together this powerful tool and its ability to awaken our deepest emotions and charm the most “savage breast”.  I believe in music and my guess is that you do to.  So come, join in and have fun.


June 17: Annual picnic and potluck to celebrate the end of the church year

LOCATION: Harmon Field, Tryon – 10:30 a.m.


The Fellowship will provide BBQ and beverages; please bring a dish to share



Some TBUUF service recordings are available at TBUUF’s Youtube Channel.

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