On Friday, March 2, 1990, a short advertisement appeared in the Tryon Daily Bulletin asking “Unitarians, Humanists, or other like-minded persons who would be interested in forming a Thermal Belt Fellowship” to call a local telephone number. The first meeting of of the Thermal Belt UU community was held at the home of one of the twenty attendees. The group established a format, chose officers, and agreed to conduct meetings twice a month. On June 3, the Fellowship began meeting at the Tryon Youth Center. Among its first articles of incorporation was this statement: “The Fellowship is bound by the common purpose of human betterment through the never-ending search for truth. In accordance with advancing knowledge and the growing vision of humankind, the Fellowship is committed to freedom of belief. Unified in spirit, the Fellowship holds a diversity of convictions. We believe in the importance of a religious community that recognizes the worth and dignity of each human being”

The congregation has had a consulting minister since 2000 who conducts services and is available for pastoral needs.

Previous Consulting Ministers who have served TBUUF:

2013-15  Rev. SB Shore

2007-2013  Rev. Jean Rowe

2002-2006  Rev. Dr. Maureen Kiloran

2001-2002 Rev. Meg Barnhouse

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