Welcome to the website of the Thermal Belt Unitarian Universalist Fellowship.  We are a growing religious community currently meeting in Tryon, NC and also  serving the communities of  Columbus, Forest City, Lake Lure, Lynn, Mill Spring, Rutherfordton, Saluda, and Landrum, SC. ***  

We are a fellowship of people who come together from many different walks of life and have different beliefs about God, immortality, faith, and spirituality.  What we do believe in is the possibility that people, in the words of a 16th century Unitarian, “need not believe alike to love alike.”   However, since Unitarian Universalism is non-creedal, no profession of belief is required to join us.   Some beliefs common among us are that  THIS LIFE matters in and of itself (not just because it might be a stepping stone to something else) , that all people have inherent worth and dignity and that the holy can be found just about anywhere.   Each of our individual journeys is strengthened when we join together in faithful community to explore what matters most as well as to serve.   Our mission is to be a force for good in our area.

Our services are on the first and third Sundays of the month.  WELCOME!!!  Most up-to-date information can be found on Facebook at TBUUF.



*****Wondering just what is meant by “Thermal Belt”?   It’s a meteorological phenomenon that happens when there is a zone of air that is warmer than would be expected from the altitude and climate zone.  Our Thermal Belt is one of several in North Carolina that have formed because of our mountain geography. These belts of moderated climate create an environment favorable for fruit growing, particularly apples and grapes, not to mention comfortable temperatures most of the year.